Victory Team

Victory Team takes the lead in the Sprint Race and looks forward to winning today


Victory Team takes the lead in the Sprint Race and looks forward to winning today

March 31, 2024

Victory Team takes the lead in the Sprint Race as the Swedish racer Erik Stark continues to dominate the Grand Prix of Binh Dinh, Vietnam, the second round of the World Championship, which is set to conclude today in Quy Non Binh Dinh with the participation of elite international teams such as those from the UAE represented by Victory Team, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah Team.

Stark succeeded in winning first place in Sprint Race 1, completing the 18 laps ahead of his rival, the Canadian Rusty Wyatt of Sharjah, bringing 10 new points to his score to strengthen his position before the main race today. Victory 4 will be the first to start in today’s race, taking advantage of the pole win yesterday, along with Jonas Andersson of Vietnam 1, the winner of Sprint Race 2, and Stefan Arand of Vietnam 2 in third place, while Rusty Wyatt is in fourth.

Ahmad Alsumaiti, Director of the Victory Department at Dubai International Marine Club and head of the club’s delegation to Vietnam, said that the team has a great chance of winning the competition today, though it's not going to be easy given the presence of speed giants in the world championship and considering what we witnessed in the championship last year.

 He praised the outstanding performance of Erik Stark, who succeeded in winning first place in the Qualifying Session and Sprint Race 1, stressing that these successes are a positive indicator before the main race. He also acknowledged the return of Ahmad Al Fahim, captain of Victory 3, who is looking to break into the spotlight.

Erik Stark, the driver of Victory 4, said that the results he has achieved since the team's return to the championship reflect the great efforts and support from the management at Dubai International Marine Club, along with the dedicated team working to excel in his performance in the race.
He stressed that the Victory 4 boat is good and fast, as witness in the Sprint Race results, and he is hoping to achieve a successful run-in today’s conclusion of the Grand Prix of Binh Dinh, Vietnam.

Ahmad Al Fahim , driver of Victory 3, did not have luck in the Sprint Race 2  after a technical issued on the last part of the race which caused him not to complete it. Al Fahim seeks to compensate today, looking forward to a distinguished result at the end, as he will start from 12th place after taking the 15th place in the Qualifying session yesterday.

Overall ranking :
1- Sharjah 17, Rusty Wyatt - 38 points
2- Victory 4, Erik Stark - 35 points
3- Vietnam 1, Jonas Andersson - 32 points
4- Vietnam 2, Stefan Arand - 25 points
5- Norway 77, Bartek Marszalek - 22 points