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Well-Deserved Victory: Stark Secures Grand Prix of Binh Dinh, Vietnam


Well-Deserved Victory: Stark Secures Grand Prix of Binh Dinh, Vietnam

April 01, 2024
Victory Team was crowned the champion of the F1H2O Grand Prix of Binh Dinh, Vietnam, after Swedish racer Erik Stark of Victory 4 successfully won the race yesterday in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh. The event featured elite international teams such as from UAE represented by Victory Team, Abu Dhabi , and Sharjah Team.

The UAE flag flew high on the podium as the Victory 4 boat, representing the Dubai International Marine Club, clinched the title with a top-notch performance from start to finish. Stark secured victory in the Pole position, Sprint Race 1, and the main race yesterday.

Following the conclusion of the second round of competitions, the Victory 4 boat topped the overall standings of the World Championship with 55 points. This placed them ahead of the Sharjah 17 boat led by Rusty Wyatt, which took fourth place in the race yesterday, and the Vietnam 1 boat led by Jonas Anderson, both of which are tied on 47 points.

A well-deserved victory for Stark after proving his capabilities and skills throughout the competition. He took control of the race from the start until the finish of the 35-lap track, outperforming his top competitor, Vietnam 1, led by Jonas Anderson, who secured second place, while third place went to China 7, captained by Peter Morin.

The Sharjah 17 boat, captained by Rusty Wyatt, came in fourth place, adding 9 points, and moved down to second place in the overall standings with 47 points. The Stromoy Racing 77 boat took fifth place, while the Abu Dhabi 5 boat, led by Thani Al Qamzi, secured sixth place. The Red Devils 11 boat claimed seventh place, followed by the Stromoy Racing 50 boat in eighth place.

Ahmad Al Fahim of Victory 3 was able to finish the main race in the 9th position giving him the first two points in the championship after missing the first round.
The Abu Dhabi boat 16, led by Rashid Al Qamzi, took twelfth place, and the Sharjah 18 boat, led by Filip Roms, did not complete the race after having an accident during the race.

Joyful & Proud
Mohammed Harib, Board Member and CEO at Dubai International Marine Club, dedicated Victory Team’s achievement to the wise leadership of the Club’s Board of Directors, headed by Chairman Ahmed Saeed bin Meshar, for their unwavering efforts and constant follow-up.
He emphasized that the results achieved in Vietnam reflect the tremendous efforts of the team and years of dedication to development and success in this global championship. With Victory's recent comeback in the championship, he expressed confidence that excellence will serve as an incentive for further work until the images of success are completed with a crown at the end of the current season. 

Ahmad Alsumaiti, Director of the Victory Department at the Dubai International Marine Club, emphasized that the outcomes of the second round in Vietnam are a testament to the immense efforts of the Board of Directors of the Dubai International Marine Club.
He commended their unwavering support for the team, along with the dedication of the administration and technical staff who meticulously prepared both boats, Victory 4 and Victory 3. The flawless performance of both boats allowed champions Stark and Al Fahim to navigate the race without any interruptions or technical issues. Alsumaiti highlighted the exceptional performance of the Victory 4 boat, attributing it to the collective efforts of the team and the extensive experience of racer Erik.

Race results:
1- Victory 4, Erik Stark  - 20 points
2- Vietnam 1, Jonas Andersson -15 points
3- China 7, Peter Morin – 12 points
4- Sharjah 17, Rusty Wyatt – 9 points
5- Stromoy Racing 77, Bartek Marzlik -7 points
6- Abu Dhabi 5, Thani Al Qamzi - 5 points
7- Red Devil 11, Sami Selio – 4 points
8- Stromoy Racing 50, Marit Stromoy – 3 points
9- Victory 3, Ahmad Al Fahim – 2 points
10- Maverick Racing,  Cédric Deguisne- 1point