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Al Fahim and Stark venture into the depths of the Yellow River Today


Al Fahim and Stark venture into the depths of the Yellow River Today

April 28, 2023

The Grand Prix of Zhengzhou kicks off today in Zhengzhou, China, with the participation of 20 boats, including the UAE Teams represented by the Victory Team, the Abu Dhabi Team, and the Sharjah Team participating in the second round of the 2023 World Powerboat Championship.

Today marks the start of technical preparations for the boats before the main stages of the event commence tomorrow - Saturday - and the day after tomorrow - Sunday. The roar of the engines echoes across the waters of the Yellow River, as the teams' technical crews and participants fine-tune their boats, with Victory 3 led by Ahmad  Al-Fahim and fellow teammates Erick Stark with Victory 4.
The Victory Team returns to China, where they previously competed in Liuzhou in 2015, Harbin in 2016, and Shamen in 2019, all hosting Formula 1 races. Ahmad Al Sumaithi, Director of the Victory Team Department at the Dubai International Marine Club, confirmed the team's readiness to enter the competitions.
Al-Sumaiti acknowledged that the Grand Prix of Zhengzhou will be tough, with all teams carrying the same ambition to shine and put a foot at the forefront in the general standings in the early stage of the competition. The total track and race course on the waters of the Yellow River is 1986 meters, including six buoys, five orange and one yellow. The local organizing committee in Zhengzhou will present prizes and cups to the first three places in the two main races and the qualifiers for the best timing at the most famous museums in Henan Province.