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Conclusion of Victory Team Training in Palm Jebel Ali


Conclusion of Victory Team Training in Palm Jebel Ali

June 19, 2023
Victory Team has concluded its training camp in Palm Jebel Ali in preparation for their participation in the upcoming Grand Prix of France, which is the third round of the UIM F1H2O World Powerboat Championship 2023. The event is scheduled to be hosted by the city of Macon from July 1st to 2nd.

The Victory Team is represented by two boats, with Boat No. 4 led by Swedish racer Erik Stark and Boat No. 3 led by Emirati champion Ahmad Al Fahim. They are competing against 18 other boats in the world championship. Currently, Victory 4 holds the second position in the overall standings with 21 points, trailing the leading boat by just two points.

Under the direction of the Dubai International Marine Club, the team aspires to make a notable impact on the world championship. They have been participating in the championship since 2015, achieving third place in their debut year and finishing as runners-up in the 2016 season. After missing the 2021 and 2022 editions, they have returned to the competitive scene this year, with the first round held in Indonesia and the second round in China.

To uphold their commitment to excellence, the Victory management conducted an intensive training program on a track resembling the Formula 1 powerboat races within the waters of Palm Jebel Ali for the team's duo.

Mohammed Harib, the CEO of the Dubai International Marine Club, and Ahmed Alsumaithi, the Director of the Victory Team Department, along with the team's technical staff and the radio operators, Franco Caravello and Luciano Barbati, were present to oversee the preparations of the boats and engines.

Ahmad Alsumaithi, the Director of the Victory Team Department at the Dubai International Marine Club, emphasized that the training camp provided an excellent opportunity to enhance harmony between the racers and the technical crews before their journey to the third round of the World Championship. 

He explained that the technical performance on the race track was commendable, especially considering the similarities with the location, which featured a closed course. This created an atmosphere close to the anticipated round that will take place on the waters of the Saône River, near the city of Macon.

Alsumaithi expressed his gratitude towards Nakheel Company and Nakheel Marine Group for providing the exceptional training location. He also thanked the board of directors of the Dubai International Marine Club for implementing this short training program.

He extended his appreciation to the racers, Stark and Al Fahim, as well as the technical and engineering staff, for their efforts in ensuring the success of the trials, and he wishes the team success in the upcoming competition.