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Victory 3’s Al Adidi and Al Ali protest before UIM Appeal Board


Victory 3’s Al Adidi and Al Ali protest before UIM Appeal Board

December 05, 2017
The world governing body UIM is expected to decide on the protest lodged by Victory Team’s Salem Al Adidi and Eisa Al Ali first thing on Friday.

The Dubai team had protested the mandatory lap penalty slapped on them during the Xiamen Grand Prix – the third round of the championship held in China last month. Despite leading most of the race, the extra lap resulted in Victory 3 finishing in fourth place and 35 seconds off ultimate race winner Al Wasl with Arif Al Zafein and Nader Bin Hindi on board.

The three-member UIM Appeal Board chaired by Germany’s Kimon Papachristopoulos conducted a lengthy meeting that went on late into Saturday, with no decision taken. “We are hopeful the decision goes in our favour as that would give us a huge boost in the overall standings,” Eisa Al Ali told Gulf News.

“Our focus now is to go all out and win the last two races and prove that Victory have the instinct of champions,” he added.

The Victory 3 was instructed to take an additional long lap at last month’s Xiamen Grand Prix, due to which they lost their place and ended in fourth. “We have done nothing wrong while over-taking No. 8 [The Blue Roo]. I think we are justified in seeking justice,” he said.