Victory Team

Victory team seeks to embrace the Formula 1 Lead Today


Victory team seeks to embrace the Formula 1 Lead Today

July 02, 2023
Today, all attention is focused on Macon, France, as the French Grand Prix reaches its thrilling conclusion at the Saone River. The race is set to start at 3:30 PM local time (5:30 PM UAE time) with an intense battle on a 1500-meter course. Three UAE teams, namely Abu Dhabi, Victory Team, and Sharjah Team will compete against each other along with the other team for a duration of 45 minutes. The stage is set for an exhilarating display of powerboat racing prowess.

In yesterday's qualifying rounds, twenty boats from ten teams around the world vied for positions in today's race. The qualifying rounds served to determine their starting positions, as well as to assess the readiness of their engines and propellers during the morning's free practice session.

Today, our UAE representative is determined to compete for top positions and secure the title in the third round of the championship. Leading in charge is the captain of the Victory Team boat no. 4, Swedish racer Erik Stark, who aims to maintain his exceptional performance and earn valuable points to strengthen his position in the overall championship standings. His currently holding second place with 21 points, Stark trails his fellow Swede Jonas Andersson, captain of the Sweden boat 14, by a mere two points.

Stark is fully aware of the challenges that lie ahead, with formidable competitors among the twenty participating boats and the demanding course of the Saone River, featuring treacherous turns. He must skillfully navigate the pressure and overcome obstacles to achieve his desired goals.

Meanwhile, our admired hero Ahmad Al Fahim, captain of the Victory 3 boat, is determined to recover from the setback he faced in the second round when his boat unexpectedly capsized during the China Race. He showcased his talent in his debut participation in the world championship, earning one point by finishing tenth in the opening round held in Lake Toba, Indonesia.

During yesterday's official practice, the Victory No. 4 boat, under the leadership of Erik Stark, achieved an impressive time of 34.778 seconds in the second group. In the first group, our esteemed hero Ahmad Al Fahim, captain of the Victory No. 3 boats, recorded a time of 37.447 seconds, representing the boat's best lap time over the 1,500-meter racecourse.