Victory Team

Victory Team embarks on Saône River adventure today


Victory Team embarks on Saône River adventure today

July 01, 2023
The UAE's Ambassador in the Powerboat Championship, the Victory Team, is looking forward to a strong start in the Grand Prix of France, which is the third round of the UIM World Championship.

The started yesterday in the city of Macon, where the duo of Ahmad Al Fahim and Erik Stark will navigate the waters of the Saône River in eastern France. The competitions will take place on a dedicated course and track specifically designed for the 20 participating boats, representing 10 teams.

Al Fahim and Stark are well aware that the third round will pose a formidable challenge, given the demanding nature of the race course shaped by the conditions of the Saone River. Spanning a mere 1500 meters, the course loops around four red buoys, incorporating roundabouts and sharp turns, with the most challenging maneuvers required at the fourth buoy. This intricate configuration presents a significant hurdle for the participants, who must navigate cautiously amidst a group of 20 competing boats, all sharing an equal ambition to claim victory.


Today, the duo eagerly anticipates a successful start as they strive to secure a prominent position in the qualifying session that will determine their spot in tomorrow's main race. Erik Stark, the captain of Victory boat no. 4, aims to showcase his exceptional skills and compete for the world championship title. He currently holds the second position with a total of 21 points, trailing only two points behind the leader, Jonas Andersson, who pilots the Swedish boat no. 14.

Racing System

As per the decision of the organizing committee, the boat distribution system for today's qualifying session, taking place on Saturday, will be divided into two groups. Each group will consist of one boat from each team, providing an opportunity for testing and subsequent competition. The session will commence at three o'clock in the afternoon, France time, which corresponds to five o'clock in the evening, UAE time. During the initial stage, each group will have 20 minutes, and the top six boats from each group will advance to the second stage. In the second stage, the starting positions for the main race tomorrow, Sunday, will be determined.

Ahmad AlSumaithi, the Director of the Victory Team Department, expressed his wishes for success to Al Fahim and Stark, as well as to the technical staff of the team, in the first stage of the Grand Prix of France happening today, Saturday.

AlSumaithi thanked as well the board of directors of the Dubai International Marine Club for their continuous support and encouragement of the Victory Team. He also expressed gratitude for providing opportunities to participate in the world championship.