Victory Team

Victory Team is ready to compete in the Grand Prix of France


Victory Team is ready to compete in the Grand Prix of France

June 29, 2023
The Victory Team delegation has arrived in Macon City, preparing for the Grand Prix of France, which serves as the third round of the UIM World Powerboat Championship. The event is set to begin on Friday and run until Sunday.

The Victory Team will participate in the upcoming competition with two boats. Victory Boat No. 3 will be led by our Emirati hero, Ahmad Al Fahim, while Victory Boat No. 4 will be led by Swedish racer Erik Stark. Both drivers are determined to make their mark in this crucial stage of the race, as it holds significant importance in the pursuit of the top position in the overall standings.

Currently, the Victory 4 boat, under the leadership of Erik Stark, holds second place in the championship standings with 21 points. They closely trail the leader, Jonas Andersson of Sweden, who captains the Swedish boat No. 14, by just a two-point difference.

The Dubai International Marine Club has put great effort into providing opportunities for success for the Victory Team in their upcoming mission in France, which begins today, Friday, and continues until Sunday. Each boat will be closely followed by Radio Man throughout the race.

Expressing high motivation and numerous incentives, Erik Stark, the Swedish racer and captain of the Victory 4 boat, aims to deliver an outstanding performance in the third round of the Formula World Powerboat Championship in Macon, starting today. He aspires to compete for the top position in the overall standings, currently holding the second spot with a mere two-point difference from the leaderboard leader.

Stark expresses deep gratitude to the management of the Dubai International Marine Club and the Victory Team department. He also commends the technical and administrative staff, as well as his teammate, Ahmad Al Fahim, the captain of the Victory 3 boat. He praises the efforts and cooperation of everyone involved, highlighting their crucial role in the success of this year's world championship campaign.

The captain of the Victory 4 boat emphasizes that he feels his dream of achieving a remarkable feat in the world championship is closer than ever since joining the Victory Team in 2019. His ambition is to fiercely compete for the top position in the overall standings and strongly contend for the title in the city of Macon, which marks the opening of the European tours in the 2023 season.

Here is the race schedule:
Saturday, 1st July 2023: Official Practice and Qualifying Session
Sunday, 2nd July 2023: Race Day