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Victory Team to Operate Team Miami in UIM E1 World Championship


Victory Team to Operate Team Miami in UIM E1 World Championship

January 16, 2024
In a significant milestone for UAE sports and its institutions, the Dubai International Marine Club has achieved remarkable success by reaching an agreement with the American Powerboat Team Miami. This agreement involves managing the operations of Team Miami, set to compete in the 2024 UIM E1 World Championship scheduled to commence in early February in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

According to the signed agreement, Victory Management will contribute its technical and administrative expertise to Team Miami during its participation in the upcoming world championship. Notably, Eric Stark, the star of the Victory Team in F1H2O and the 2023 World Champion Runner-up, will lead Team Miami's boat, bearing the number 16.

The organizing committee of the world championship, under the supervision of UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique), has approved the participation of Team Miami, owned by the renowned international singer and musician Marc Anthony, the winner of the International Grammy Award in Arts.

Team Miami is aggressively pursuing the championship title. As part of their strategy, they have signed a contract with the Victory Team Department of the Dubai International Marine Club, which has more than three decades in powerboat racing, filled with international achievements in powerboat competitions across various categories, including Class 1, Formula 1, XCAT, F4S, and Aquabike.

Mohammed Harib, Board Member, and Chief Executive Officer at DIMC, stated that this move signifies a new addition to the club's record of achievements. It further reaffirms the elevated status of national institutions in the United Arab Emirates, which have gained global recognition and demonstrated their ability to influence and enact change. This achievement serves as a magnetic force, attracting international teams to benefit from the accumulated experience, thanks to the masters of the seas and their contribution to the foundation of the Victory Team, leaving its mark around the world.

The announcement of the new collaboration occurred at the team headquarters in Miami, brimming with optimism and directed towards the objectives of the team owner, Marc Anthony. Emphasizing the significance of this collaboration with the Victory Team, which will operate the technical and operational aspects of Team Miami during their participation in the UIM E1 World Championship. Additionally, Erik Stark will lead Team Miami as its captain, accompanied by the American jet ski star, Anna Glennon.

Anthony explained that the decision to choose the Victory Team was driven by the desire to compete in the event and leverage the capabilities of the team, renowned as the top contender in powerboat racing internationally for over 30 years, signifying its prominence. Anthony expressed confidence that everyone involved will collaborate seamlessly with Team Miami, uniting towards the goal and aiming for victory in a lengthy and demanding season set to commence shortly in Jeddah. The season will unfold through various stops, including Venice, Porto Banus, Geneva, Monaco, Rotterdam, and Hong Kong.

UIM E1 World Championship will begin on the 2nd-3rd February as the first and only electric race boat championship sanctioned by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM).

E1 Team Miami is Miami’s first electric race boat team bearing the number 16 and Marc Anthony’s first racing venture on the water. The E1 Team Miami franchise is built around Miami’s glitz and glamour, alongside the city’s rich history of powerboat racing & marine mobility.